August 30, 2023 War in Ukraine: Two helicopters crash, six Ukrainian soldiers die, investigation opens

A spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force announced on Wednesday that six soldiers were killed when two helicopters crashed. It is still unclear why two Mi-8s crashed near Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine. The cause of the accident is under investigation. According to military sources, the helicopters were on duty on Tuesday but were not shot down.

Europe : The head of European diplomacy, Joseph Borrell, during an informal meeting of European defense ministers, proposed to train 40,000 Ukrainian soldiers by the end of the year. An initial target of 30,000 trained recruits will be reached as early as October, he announced after a meeting in Toledo, Spain. Launched in November 2022 to support Ukraine in the face of a Russian invasion, European Union Training Mission (EUMAM) It initially consisted of 15,000 soldiers. The plan was later revised upwards to 30,000 soldiers. The Belgian army trained a thousand of them. And 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers to train in Latvia soon.

Capture of Robotine City: The claim by Kiev this week opens the way for a Ukrainian offensive into Ukraine’s occupied south and Russia-annexed Crimea, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy indicated, according to a speech made public on Wednesday.
At least five civilians were killed and 15 wounded in Russian attacks in Ukraine on Wednesday, local officials said. According to them, the Russian military has deployed cruise missiles, drones and artillery, affecting many parts of the country. Two people died on Wednesday morning following a “massive” drone and missile attack in Kew last night.Since spring“According to military officials in the Ukrainian capital. The Guardian published the image of this attack.

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In the Black Sea: On Wednesday, Russia said it had destroyed six speedboats carrying a total of 50 members of Ukraine’s special forces, which Russian officials said had carried out nighttime drone strikes on Russian territory. Ukrainian sources say four Russian military aircraft have been destroyed in an attack targeting the Pskov airport in northwestern Russia.

Death of Prigogine: The Kremlin promised on Wednesday that investigators were exploring all avenuesincluding “A planned crime“to explain the plane crash that killed Wagner’s boss, who became an enemy of the Russian president after a mutiny. But,Russia will not allow an international investigation into Prigozhin’s death.

UNICEF : The organization is alarmed about the education of Ukrainian children (attacks and destruction of schools).

Russia: Moscow has just appointed an ambassador”Crimes of the Kiev regime“.

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