Are you too hot at night? Here’s how to freshen up your room with a bottle of water

By Jessica Dye

Due to the current heat, you may have trouble sleeping. Although sleeping with a fan is not really recommended, there are other tips to cool your bedroom. For one of them, you only need a bottle of water.

When it’s so hot, sleep can be a real nightmare. We carry a fan in each room to try to cool it down. Unfortunately, this is not a good idea for your health, especially at night. Fortunately, there are other little things to try to keep it cool.

to Update your room For bed, there is a very simple trick. The good news is that you only need one thing you already have at home: a bottle of water.

Here’s how to freshen up your bedroom

This trick is very simple. You need to fill a bottle with tap water. Then put it in the freezer for a few hours. Once the water is completely frozen, place the bottle at the foot of your bed at bedtime.

In this way, the ice water refreshes the surrounding air that you breathe. It also helps you fall asleep faster. Of course, this solution is temporary, Health + Mac reminds us, but it will help you sleep.

If you have a fan, you can also place a frozen water bottle in front of it. It will quickly update your room. But be careful, do this before going to bed and switch off the fan while in bed. Thus, the ambient air will be fresh and you will avoid health concerns. You can place an iced water bottle on an open windowsill to let in cool air. This trick works in living rooms too.

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