Are you having Wi-Fi issues with your iPhone running iOS 17? you are not alone

Every year, when Apple releases a major new version of iOS 17 (and a new iPhone), users end up finding some weird bugs that are usually fixed with software updates. Following reports of overheating issues on the iPhone 15 Pro, some users are now experiencing issues with Wi-Fi on iOS 17, especially with the iPhone 15 models.

Wi-Fi issues affecting iPhones

some 9to5Mac Readers told us they’ve been experiencing Wi-Fi issues since upgrading to iPhone 15 or iOS 17. According to reader David Chen, apps are unable to load content, or the connection seems extremely slow. 9to5Mac Reader and application developer Willian Max He also told us that he noticed unusual slowness when the iPhone 15 Pro Max connected to a Wi-Fi network.

I personally noticed the same issues with my iPhone. Even though it’s connected to Wi-Fi, my iPhone simply stops loading content in apps like Threads, TikTok, or even Safari. Sometimes, the problem disappears after a few minutes. In some situations, I have to manually disconnect and reconnect Wi-Fi on my iPhone to get it to work again.

At first, I thought the issues were related to my network, but then I noticed it was only happening with my iPhone 15 Pro Max and M2 iPad Pro (both running the latest version of iOS). When Wi-Fi stops working on my iPhone, I can still surf the web on the same network using my Mac.

An online search showed that more users reported similar issues, mostly with newer iPhones. User on Apple Community Forums He said that Wi-Fi periodically drops out on his iPhone 15 Pro but works fine with all other devices. On the tenth, said one user that “pages load very slowly” when his iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi.

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There is, too Similar reports on Reddit. One user claims that setting the Wi-Fi channel range to 20MHz, 40MHz, or 80MHz resolved the issues. “I’m connected but from time to time my iPhone won’t get any data so I put it on airplane mode and turn it off again and it works again,” another user said in the same post.

Users are waiting for the fix

iPhone 15 Pro Max

We still don’t know if this is a widespread issue or if it only affects a small number of users. 9to5Mac Apple has requested comment, but the company has yet to acknowledge or deny that there are Wi-Fi issues affecting iPhone users. Hopefully, these issues are caused by a software bug that can be fixed through an iOS update.

How does Wi-Fi work on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 17? Let us know in the comments section below.

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