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UNRWA, the largest humanitarian organization helping Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, says it is about to run out of fuel within 24 hours, jeopardizing its ability to help nearly a million people displaced from their homes by the war.

The UN agency said it needs fuel to operate trucks collecting aid on the Egyptian border from the limited incoming convoys, and to distribute wheat flour for baking bread and the bread itself to people living in shelters due to Israeli attacks.

“We are likely to run out of fuel… between tonight and tomorrow,” UNRWA spokeswoman Tamara Al-Rifai told the Financial Times on Wednesday. “We will have to make very difficult choices. . . On what we prioritize.”

On Tuesday, the Israeli military published a post on X containing an aerial view of what it said were fuel tanks inside Gaza. “Ask Hamas if you can get some,” she said in statements directed at UNRWA, which has a tense relationship with the Israeli government.

The Financial Times was unable to independently verify the Israeli army’s claim. UNRWA refused to comment on these statements.

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