Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell’s children are taking her death hard, and the family is considering treatment


Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell

The children are having a hard time with her death

…The family is considering treatment

Mama JuneThe granddaughters are coming to terms with their mother’s death… and the family is considering sending them to talk to therapists.

Family sources told TMZ… Anna “Chickadee” CardwellHis daughters have recently lost their mother, are grieving and trying to take things day by day.

I He died December 9 Which Funeral It was Wednesday in Georgia, where her 11-year-old daughter is Caitlin I worked on the courage to speak up.

Funeral of Mama June’s daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell, with family and friends in attendance

We’re told Kaitlyn didn’t intend to speak at her mother’s funeral, but her feelings changed while she was at the funeral home… and she shared memories of her time with Anna, some of which sparked laughter.

While Kaitlyn was able to open up and reflect at the funeral, the family was discussing the benefits of talking with a therapist moving forward. Like we told you at the beginning, Mama June Now he has custody of Kaitlyn.

Our sources say Caitlyn was very involved in Anna’s cancer battle, making sure her mother took her medication and staying by her side throughout the process. So there’s a lot to unpack.

Anna’s youngest daughter is 8 years old KayleeShe now lives with her biological father, Michael.

Given Kylie’s age, we’re told it was difficult for her to understand her mother’s death… She was relying on her friends for support and returned to school on Friday, which the family took as a good sign. We’re told the school had a field trip, and the family felt it was the right time for Kylie to return.

It’s unclear if Kylie’s father will put her in a room with a therapist, but we’re told the family wants her to at least have someone to talk to.

Meanwhile, we’re told the sisters have been calling each other and grieving together.

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