After Prigogine, Wagner, what happened to the group’s mercenaries?

Structures that caused more problems were closed, this being especially the case Goblin FactoriesWho has been dissolved and connected to other structures, Kevin Limonier explains, Lecturer in Geography and Slavic Studies at the French Geopolitical Institute (author of the chart above, see Here). On the other hand, not everything on the African continent is affected, but there is a restructuring of the system. how It will take some time to tell.”

Pavel Prigogine holds up his hands Catering activitiesBut still He lost a huge market for supplying food to the army. The army stopped feeding the beast.

What about the first pillar, the laborert, or SMP Wagner’s functions? “There is a kind of modus vivendi, an agreement that allows Putin to manage his business with Pavel Prigozhin, but on the other hand reduces his military capability. The assistant explains Pierre de Jong, a former colonel of the French army, Fran├žois Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac, the author of the latest work. Acting Between the Lines – Private Military Companies: Wagner, Blackwater, Mozart and others (Mareuil editions).

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