'Angry' Ed O'Neill slams 'Married with Children' co-star Amanda Pierce for being excluded from the wedding


Al Bundy's mistake.

Ed O'Neill has revealed how “messed up” he is in his feud with Married… with Children co-star Amanda Pierce.

O'Neal, 77, played Al Bundy on the thriller sitcom that ran on Fox from 1987 to 1997. The cast also included Katey Sagal as his wife, Christina Applegate as their daughter, and David Faustino as their son , Pierce as their neighbor Marcy, and David Garrison as Marcy's first husband.

O'Neill has had a public feud with Pierce, 65, for years, and more recentlyOld Fox News Digital: “Yes, the TV Guide thing happened, and I don't regret that decision.”

He was referring to his recent appearance on “Dinner's On Me,” with his former “Modern Family” co-star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, where he detailed the origins of the feud.

He told Ferguson that it started when the show had the opportunity to be on the cover of TV Guide, but Bearse and David Garrison were left out because they “were neighbors” on the show. They asked him to defend them so they could make the cover, but he refused.

Katey Sagal and Ed O'Neill in 1989. Getty Images
Ed O'Neill in 2020 Getty Images

“If I had been smarter, I would have told them – let me go [creator Ron Leavitt] And talk to him. I should have done it,” he told the outlet. “But instead, I said, ‘Hey, no. It's not just for us as actors, it's for the whole show…the control, the make-up, the hair…it makes our show have a longer life, maybe.' That's how I looked at it. I didn't care about being on the cover, I would say, “Why don't you just leave me off the cover and say Al is stuck at work.”

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David Faustino, Christina Applegate, Amanda Pierce, Ed O'Neill, Ted McGinley, and Katey Sagal. Getty Images
Christina Applegate, Katey Sagal, Ed O'Neill, and David Faustino. Corbis via Getty Images

He admitted that this was where he made a mistake, and he also “made a mistake” by marrying Pierce, who is gay.

“And in those days, it was new, it was new,” O'Neill said, referring to the possibility of two women marrying each other.

“And she didn't invite me to the wedding. She hurt my feelings. And when I asked her about it, she said, 'Well, it was a tough decision.' And I thought, 'Are you confusing me with the Bundys?' I didn't say that, but that's how I felt. 'What do you mean, is You think I'm a Neanderthal, or something?” So, I was angry. If I had done it over again, I would have said, “Amanda, I wish you all the best.” It's your call, it's your wedding. But instead, I lashed out and said A joke, but it was a mean joke. That's my biggest regret about it. I didn't handle it well at all, and I know that.

David Faustino, Katey Sagal, Ed O'Neill, and Christina Applegate in 1996.
Getty Images
Ed O'Neill, actress Katey Sagal, actress Christina Applegate, actor David Faustino, actress Amanda Pierce and actor David Garrison in 1989. Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

He did not specify what his “mean joke” was, but in Interview 2013 With the Television Academy, O'Neill explained the incident.

When he confronted Pierce about excluding her from her wedding — along with co-star David Faustino, he said, “[She said]: “This was a very difficult call, but I feel like you will find it fun that Becky and I will show up at church and wear tuxedos and walk down the aisle, and you and David will laugh and find it funny.” I said, “Amanda, what's so funny about two women in tuxedos walking to church?” “He finished.

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“She started laughing and she said, 'Look!' And I said, 'Well, do you know why? Because it's so funny, and I'm not going to be the only one who doesn't think so. But it was funny. She was wearing a little white jumpsuit, and it was funny to me. But in other words, maybe “She was not wrong to exclude me.”

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