Andy Cohen Responds to Jean Shah Jailed Over Black Eye Allegations Addressed in Season 4 Finale – Deadline

Andy Cohen responds to the previous The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jane Shah after it was claimed during the season 4 finale that she was the cause of Heather Jay's black eye in season 3.

The end of Season 4 of the Bravo reality series came with two bombshells: the first was that Monica Garcia was leaking information to Instagram account Reality Von Tease, and the second was that Shah gave her co-star a black eye.

After the finale aired, a statement appeared on Shah's Instagram live to the surprise of many RHOSLC fans, as the former housewife is currently serving time in prison for her involvement in a telemarketing scheme.

“Bravo, if I punched Heather in the eye, you guys will have the footage to prove it,” the statement read. “It's clear the show couldn't survive without me since I came up at the beginning, middle, and end of Season 4. Andy [Cohen] He's still hurt that I refused to meet him 1:1. Why sit with someone who “gave” another cast member a black eye? Next story.”

Cohen addressed the statement on his SiriusXM show, prefacing his words by saying he found Shah's letter ironic that came at a time when he was also a “victim of fraud.” the Watch what's happening live The host clarified that he was not saying that Shah was responsible for the fraud he was a victim of.

“Let me point out. I don't want to be too obvious here. But if we had the footage, don't you think we would have aired it? Do you think we wouldn't have said Heather… Heather says, 'I don't know how you got the black eye.'” “So, don't you think we were going to cut the footage with a cue that says, 'Four hours ago?'” Pop! “Cohen said in regards to Shah's statement about there being no evidence that Bravo punched Jay in the eye.

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Cohen then addressed the comment about him getting his “butt hurt” over Shah's refusal to do a one-on-one interview with him before she surrendered to authorities to begin her prison sentence. the Rusk The executive producer provided insight and said one of Shah's requests was to document her journey to prison.

“I forgot about the one-on-one with Jane. She's right. I wanted to do one-on-one work with her. I didn't care about that anymore. I was done with it,” Cohen said. “Her terms were crazy. I know she wanted us to make a documentary series about the days before she went to prison. “She wanted a lot of money, and she still maintains her innocence.”

He continued, “So it could have been another interview of her sitting in front of me lying on my face, which we got a couple of interviews from her, so this is that. This is my response to that.”

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