Analysis of Putin’s speech in Moscow on May 9: “The word ‘Ukraine’ is not even mentioned.”

This morning, Russian festivals around the world followed, every year on May 9, commemorating Russia’s victory over Nazi troops in 1945. When the war was going on in Ukraine, these celebrations had a certain tone. Prior to the rally, Vladimir Putin spoke. The Russian president said he was taking all possible measures to prevent a third world war.

To analyze this parade and this text, Nicholas Cossett, a researcher at the Royal Institute of Defense, was invited to the RTL INFO 13h package.

Everyone was particularly surprised that Vladimir Putin was finally going to use the word “war” rather than Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine. But that is not the case.

“We are on the register of special military action, so there is no general mobilization, but in addition the word” Ukraine “is not mentioned in his speech. Compared to previous years, we are entitled to a speech basis. There were few references to the present, the future, and the Great Patriotic War, and above all, it was an exercise in justifying the Kremlin’s approach. “ Analyzing Nicolas Gosset.

He also returned to this fictional argument about nuclear weapons

How does Vladimir Putin still justify this war today? Initially, Russia expected very quick action in Ukraine. However, the Russians are far from this military operation. “In fact, none of the initial objectives were achieved. The Donbass is still far from Russian control. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “The researcher underlines.

“In fact, the talks were in complete continuation with the argument made from the beginning, that is, according to Putin, Ukraine is preparing an attack against the Donbass, which is utter nonsense, it has never been implemented or brought about. We are in a general situation where this move is presented as a preventive measure aimed at preventing Ukraine as a threat.He adds.

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