An American Saga release dates set in two parts – Deadline

The epic Western from the Oscar-winning director Horizon: An American Epic, Chapter One and 2 will open respectively in cinemas on June 28, 2024 and August 16, 2024.

The film is produced by New Line. On June 28, there is currently Paramount Mission Impossible 8 And Sony Horror scopewhile on August 16 next year there are twentieth century studios alien Reboot.

Horizon It takes Costner back to the Civil War backdrop he had previously visited in his multi-Oscar-winning film dancing with the wolves. PIC traces a 15-year period of expansion and settlement in the American West before and after the Civil War. Experienced through the eyes of many, the epic journey is fraught with danger and intrigue from the constant onslaught of the natural elements, to interactions with the indigenous people who lived on the land, and the determination and often cruelty of those who sought to solve it.

Costner directs and stars alongside a cast that includes Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Jena Malone, Abby Lee, Michael Rooker, Danny Huston, Luke Wilson, Isabelle Fuhrman, Jeff Fahey, Will Patton, Tatanka Means, Owen Crow Shaw, Ella Hunt, and Jimmy . Campbell Power. Producers are Costner, Howard Kaplan and Mark Gillard.

There was some chatter that the first part of this film would end up on this year’s awards season schedule, however, until the actors’ strike ended, that didn’t really make sense. Note that there are awards films waiting to be dated if SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP reach an agreement in the near future.

The studio dropped the below one-sheet and release date teaser:


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