Horror aboard Chinese nuclear submarine: 55 sailors suffocate

According to a British secret report, received Dailymail, 55 sailors are believed to have died following the catastrophic failure of the submarine’s oxygen systems, which poisoned the crew. All in great silence.

Chinese PLA Navy Submarine ‘093-417’ is believed to be among the victims along with 21 officers including its captain.

Officially, China has denied that the incident took place. Beijing also appears to have refused to seek international help for the stricken submarine.

The British document in question states: “On August 21, intelligence reports indicated that an accident occurred during a mission in the Yellow Sea. The incident occurred at 08:12 local time, resulting in the death of 55 personnel: 22 officers, 7 cadets, 9 petty officers, and 17 sailors. Captain Colonel Xue was among the dead. Yong-Peng. The death is believed to be caused by hypoxia due to a system malfunction on board the submarine. The submarine’s sailor hit the chain and anchor barricades of the Chinese Navy, US and allied submarines. This led to a systems failure that took six hours to repair and raise the ship. After a catastrophic failure on board the ship. The available oxygen poisoned the crew.

So far, there is no independent confirmation of the alleged loss of a Chinese submarine in the public domain.

Beijing has declined to comment on speculation about the incident, calling it “absolutely false”Meanwhile, Taiwan also denied the information published on the Internet.

The Dailymail Attempts were made to contact the Royal Navy to find out more but official sources declined to comment or provide further information.

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