Americans Reveal Video of Russian Plane and Their Drone Colliding (VIDEO)

The US drone and Russian fighter jet issue further strained the relationship between the two countries.

Since then, the two blame each other and growing fears in Europe. On the one hand, Russia wants to fish the American drone and accuse the US of causing the accident in the Black Sea and, according to it, prove the involvement of the US in the operations in Ukraine. On Wednesday, Russia’s defense minister, in a call with his US counterpart on Wednesday, attributed the incident to the “strengthening” of US-led spying operations.

Former US general speaks out on Russian drone strike: “Russia considers the Black Sea its national lake”

The Americans released a video of the crash on Thursday. We see the plane doing a maneuver before it collides with the flying object. Due to this, the drone crashed into the sea. The US accuses Russian planes of flying “irresponsibly, disrespectfully and unprofessionally” in international airspace. According to the United States, the drone was on a routine flight aimed at strengthening the security and defense of Europe.

Russia has denied these explanations and said the planes did not make contact with the drone and that it crashed following a “sudden maneuver”.

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