Amazon is now canceling already-renewed shows like ‘The Peripheral’ Season 2

The effects of the WGA and SAG strike are now striking in a new way, rather than just people going without their paychecks. Requests from groups are certainly reasonable, but with companies stubbornly refusing to find solutions, we’re now entering not-so-great territory with production shutting down on nearly all US TV shows and movies indefinitely.

Amazon now Starting to cancel the previously renewed series for the second seasons. So far, that includes The Peripheral Season 2, the expensive sci-fi series starring Chloe Moretz that was renewed two months after its release and, of course, ended on a cliffhanger. And also their league, which was renewed again for a second season prior to this news.

In the case of Amazon, this also looks like some amount of cost-cutting. I was a little surprised that The Peripheral was revamped in the first place, since it was fine, but not very impactful. But knowing that the first season cost $140 million tells me Amazon is trying to kill two birds with one stone here. Strikes will likely cause production delays, exacerbated by the cost of the second season. It was said that Amazon was tired of spending billions of dollars on software that wasn’t worth it.

I also wonder how that might affect other shows down the line. Amazon has finally renewed the US version of Citadel for a season 2, but this is the most expensive offering they’ve made outside of Rings of Power, and I wonder if that’s even possible, given the poor quality of season 1 and its overall cost. Meanwhile, Rings of Power is locked in for at least five seasons, it seems, delay or not.

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Of course, Amazon probably won’t become the only service doing this. Many services are trying to cut costs and avoid delays with strikes. This kind of happened with COVID as well, as the production shutdown caused several renewals for a second season across Netflix, Showtime, and ABC.

I can’t say I’m really sad about losing season 2 of The Peripheral, as I thought it started off strong but ended up being a little uncaring at the end. I haven’t seen a league of their own, but I’m sure it has its fans.

This feels like the start of something, so I certainly expect a lot from this, a combination of cost cutting and strike impacts.

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