Amateur detective solves 41-year-old mystery

After a 41-year mystery, the disappearance of three American friends in 1982 was finally solved thanks to the intervention of a passionate amateur detective, Jason Souhrata. William Clifton (age 30), David McMicken (age 24) and Michael Norman, age 32, went missing after an evening at a bar in North Carolina. They were not found even after the police searched.

One day, an amateur detective, Jason Souhrata, inspired by YouTubers, begins to follow the supposed trail of friends back home. He was aware of the case from an early age and took on this personal challenge to solve it.

Six kilometers later, Jason Souhrata notices a lagoon that has not been explored by research teams because it is not navigable by boat. He then decides to explore the depths of the water with his sonar and a sort of floating board. Very quickly, he notices something on his screen: a car wreck.

“I saw something on the screen that looked like a car,” the man told US news channel WITN. Among them, the remains of three people will be identified later.

The families of the victims were very grateful to the amateur detective and said they were happy to finally be certain about the tragic events that took place in 1982.

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