A video gives a new twist to the Hedi affair: the images discredit the police version

Hedi was severely beaten by several police officers following the riots that followed the death of Nahel, a teenager who was killed in Nanterre on June 27. The attack took place between the night of July 1 and 2. In all, four police officers are suspected of beating Hedi during the police raid, which is said to have deteriorated. Forty days later, the last police officer of the Marseille Anti-Crime Squad (BAC) accused of shooting LBD was released from prison. The latter “placed under judicial watch”with prohibition to practice.

Following this operation, part of Hedi’s skull had to be amputated. In a video aired by Konbini Media, he gave his version of facts, confirming that he was the victim of a police blunder. But voices were raised to insult his testimony, explaining that it was a myth.

Violence Against Hedi: Police Officer Needs Constant Custodial

It was explained by the police as self-defense. But new images revealed by the Mediapart website suggest that the victim’s version is more credible. In the pictures, we see Hedi walking with a friend. On seeing the police, the two youths ran away. Heady had already explained that he ran away because the police seemed too threatening. An officer can also be seen firing an LBD shot at the victim, causing him to fall. The young man was escorted by an officer to a street corner, where he received several blows.

“They had to remove part of my skull”: shocking testimony of Hedi, who was beaten by police following the riots over Nahal’s death

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“This video confirms that these police officers lied from the beginning”Jacques-Antoine Preziosi, Hedi’s lawyer, assures me to France 2’s microphones. “The shooter claims he was shooting in self-defense for his comrades, which is nonsense. According to him, he was holding something in his left hand to attack the police officers. But his left arm is slightly deformed. The matter has taken a new twist with this video. “This is a case that should have been a case of police error, it’s becoming a case of police perjury.”

For his part, Justice Minister Gerald Dorman declined to comment on the video. “I remind everyone of my presumption of innocence and still offer my support to the National Police.” A damning statement by the victim’s lawyer. “He doesn’t usually serve the police, he’s in his role as a presidential candidate.”He answered.

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