A transgender prisoner conceives two of his fellow prisoners: “I fell in love” Various facts

A few days ago, the New Jersey Department of Corrections admitted that two inmates had become pregnant at the Edna Great Correctional facility, located in Clinton and reserved for women. The one who made them pregnant was: Demetrius Minor, a transgender prisoner who now calls himself Demi and sentenced to thirty years in prison for manslaughter.

In an article published online, Ladonia Bellamy, 31, an inmate who spent life in the Great Jail for killing a couple, admitted to having sex with a fellow inmate and expecting a baby next fall.

In the process, the New Jersey Department of Corrections confirmed Ladonia’s reports that another prisoner had been banned from having sex and was pregnant. Other parents call themselves Demi, whose full name is Demetrius Minor, 27, is a transgender who began her transition in 2020 and is serving 30 years in the only reformed Great Prison for women in the state of New Jersey. , For the arson of her foster father.

The prison is open to transgender people

Since 2021, transgender women, including those who have not yet undergone gender reassignment surgery, are being held in a prison with 800 inmates following a case filed by an inmate. There are currently 27 transgender people in prison.

According to William Sullivan, president of the union that represents most reformists in the state of New Jersey, these pregnancies are not surprising. “In 2019, we foretold this when we filed a restraining order to prevent prisoners identified as transgender from being transferred to the women’s facility,” he told the Daily Mail. “We were warned that this would probably end badly, that is to say in pregnancy.”

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Forbidden relationships

Latonia Bellamy, in her speech, says that within the walls of the Mahan prison, the culture of rape is everywhere. But she defends Demi: “I was not raped. I was not forced to do anything I did not want to do. Although it was not allowed, I fell in love and had consensual sex with a transgender person. However, sexual relations are forbidden in Edna Mahan.

“I did what was natural to every human being. We formed a natural and genuine bond that allowed me to receive a lot of support, understanding and love, “he continues.” Will the barbed wire wither behind the barriers? “

Since then, Demi, Ladonia and the third prisoner involved are now in solitary confinement.

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