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The facts took place within a large Spanish telemarketing company. This case has shocked the country’s media.


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Diari de Girona, El Pais, 20minutes.fr

A 56-year-old woman died of a heart attack at her workplace in Madrid on June 13. Immaculada worked for Connecta, a telemarketing company based in Madrid that employs 12,000 people. According to Catalan newspaper Diary de Girona, published by 20minutes.fr, when he died, his body would have been on the ground for more than two hours, guarded by the police, but in full view of the staff … he continued to work (almost). If nothing happens. In fact, he was pronounced dead by emergency services just before 1pm, but his remains were not claimed by funeral directors until 3pm.

No order to vacate

“The management should have stopped work, but they didn’t. There was no order,” lamented a CGT union representative. “Work continued as usual,” he said in a statement. The drama unfolded on the 6th floor of the building, in the open air and among several tele operators. According to a union representative, a manager would have emphasized the “essential” aspect of the job. Konecta manages call centers on behalf of many clients. Fearing retaliation, most employees would have continued to answer the phone, before phasing out employees “in the early afternoon.”

Daily El Pais interview, Konecta management denies these allegations: “Nobody was forced to work next to the dead body”. The company assures that it “takes great care of its teams” and responded “properly” in “emergency situations” as outlined in the procedure to be followed.

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The telemarketing and decentralized call center industry in Spain is often criticized for its harsh working conditions and high returns.

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