A tearful video of a teacher encouraging her to beat up a Muslim student in her class sparked outrage in India.

A controversial video recorded in a private school in Muzaffarnagar (North India) is making rounds on social media and creating controversy in India. We see a teacher sitting at her desk in front of her students, one of whom is standing next to the desk in tears. Other children sit on the floor, their lesson papers on their knees. Then a small student comes to slap the boy who was standing up. We hear the man laugh at this, while the teacher encourages the other students to come and spank the crying little friend.

The images have apparently caused an uproar in India, where elected officials have condemned the scene as discriminatory against the young Muslim victim. An Indian Congress leader specifically denounced the facts about X: “Planting the poison of discrimination in the minds of innocent children, turning a sacred place like a school into a market of hatred: nothing a teacher can do in his country.”, he condemned.

Following the airing of the images, an investigation was launched by the local authorities and the parents of the abused boy finally decided to file a complaint against the teacher, given the scale of the controversy. “We don’t want this to happen to other children.”They told local media.

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