A surgeon tries to sell an X-ray of an injured Pataclan

According to Mediapart, this renowned orthopedic surgeon, Emmanuel Masmagin, was auctioned off in the open, a platform that specializes in selling NFT digital objects, and we see the radio of the Bataclan survivor who operated on it, with a forearm pierced. Kalashnikov bullet. According to the intelligence site, the radio is on sale for $ 2,776.

The surgeon admitted the facts to Mediapart and explained that he had done so. “In an academic career“And the offer has been withdrawn, but there is no photo still visible on OpenSea on Sunday. Guaranteed.”The question should have been asked from an ethical point of view“He recognizes”Error“For not asking permission from the patient who underwent the operation.

Below the photo, the doctor mentions “This young patient, who lost her boyfriend in the attack, had an open fracture in her left forearm and a Kalashnikov bullet that remained in the soft tissues.“.

With an investigation into the November 2015 attacks currently underway in Paris, Martin Hirsch believes this. “Disgusting behavior“Is”Contrary to ethics, questioning medical confidentiality is against the values ​​of AP-HP and public service“.

He declares his desire to report the facts to justice (in the application of Section 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, every officer should be aware that he should condemn an ​​illegal act), and the Commission should be apprehended.Ministers with disciplinary authority“.

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