A ship and its twelve sailors are missing in a storm off Turkey, another is broken in two | the world

Turkish authorities announced Sunday that a ship and its 12 crew members were missing in a storm off northwest Turkey. Another Cameroonian-flagged vessel was broken in two by violent waves off Erekli, managing to evacuate its entire crew to safety.

“The Turkish-flagged Kafkametlar ship sent a distress signal at 10:29 this morning. (…) Our attempts to contact the ship and its crew went unanswered,” announced the General Maritime Directorate, a Turkish public body that reports to the Ministry of Transport.

The ship sent its last signal off the coast of Eregli in northwest Turkey.

“Due to bad weather, it is currently impossible to reach the ship’s location or make close visual contact. Search and rescue efforts will be initiated by air and sea vehicles as soon as the weather permits,” the Directorate of Maritime Affairs said.

Twelve sailors were on board a cargo ship carrying ferrosilicon from the Russian port of Demryuk to Aliaga, Turkey.

In his last communication with Turkish authorities, the captain said the ship was moving towards a breakwater off Erekli.

Strong winds and storms hit many places in Turkey on Sunday, especially in the northwest, causing flooding and damage in two coastal towns on the Black Sea near Istanbul, Sayle and Karibe.

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