A Russian veteran describes war crimes: “At the age of four, they raped a mother and her daughter”

Nikita Shiprin’s former regiment, the 64th Motorized Rifle Regiment, distinguished itself for its criminal activities in the Ukrainian town of Butsa, earning its members the nickname “Butchers of Butsa”.

The Russian fugitive says that he has never been to this Ukrainian city, but to cities not far from Libivka and Andreevka. According to his own words, Nikita Sibrin did not participate in the war crimes committed by his comrades. She would have confined herself to being a servant to the soldiers.

Amidst the killings and robberies he describes, the ex-soldier recounts a horrific scene he witnessed: “They raped a mother and her 17-year-old daughter. They were four in total and were later arrested. They received a permit and were beaten with feces before they were fired,” reports Nikita Sibrin.

The latter says that he is ready to testify before the International Court about the atrocities committed by his brothers: “Russia must answer for its crimes. Soldiers should not attack civilians. Today, Russia is a terrorist state, and everyone who preaches the cause of terrorists must be punished. They are doing illegal things,” he condemned.

Today, Nikita Shiprin fled Ukraine to Spain, where he applied for asylum. Wanted by Moscow, he has already received several threats.

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