A Russian military expert has called on Vladimir Putin to launch full-scale nuclear strikes on Britain and the United States

A military expert close to Vladimir Putin has threatened both the United Kingdom and the United States with large-scale nuclear strikes, as Russia on Monday reiterated its accusations against Ukraine that it had entered the “final stage” of the production of a “dirty bomb”. It invited international experts to come and inspect its installations.


“If NATO goes to war with Russia, we cannot limit ourselves to appealing to international law… to the UN Charter,” the extremist Koroshenko said on Rossiya-1, a Kremlin-controlled media outlet. “There’s only one way,” he said. “They are [l’Occident] If they try to fight with Russia in Ukraine or in our region, they should know that there will be only one answer,” he added.

Paris, London and Washington slammed Moscow’s “false” statements on Monday. “No one will be fooled by the attempt to use this as an excuse to escalate the charges,” they stressed in a joint statement.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said the same thing on Twitter after speaking with Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and UK defense secretary Ben Wallace: “NATO allies reject this allegation. Russia should not use this as an excuse to escalate the conflict in Ukraine.


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