A relative of Alexei Navalny was attacked with a hammer near his home: attack “probably signed by Russia”

The attack Tuesday in Vilnius on Leonid Volkov, the former right-hand man of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, who died in prison, was probably “organized by Russia,” Lithuanian intelligence services assessed Wednesday.

Living in exile in the Lithuanian capital, Mr. An official statement said the “attack” against Volgo was “an operation organized and executed by Russia”. Mr. was hit with a hammer in front of his house. Volkov, age 43, was hospitalized for some time. “We are taking all necessary steps to clarify the motive and reasons for this crime. Several avenues are being investigated,” Deputy Police Chief Saulius Tamulevicius told LRT radio. No suspect has yet been identified.

Russia's leading opposition party, Leonid Volkov, blamed President Vladimir Putin for his death. During the attack on Tuesday evening, Mr. Volkov said in a telegram. Mr. Kira Yarmich, Navalny's former spokeswoman, said “someone broke a car window and threw tear gas into his eyes” before hitting him with a hammer.

Mr Volkov's wife, Anna Priokova, posted photos on social media showing her husband's injuries, including a black eye, a red mark on his forehead and blood on his leg. A government source told AFP that Mr. Volkov was released from the hospital early Wednesday morning, where “injuries to various parts of his body and a fracture in his hand were noted.”

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