A professor quits Science Poe after refusing to change the terms “male” and “female” in his syllabus

On Twitter, one student explained that the “entire lesson was inappropriate” and called her “sexist” and “gay.” According to other students, he refused to allow men to dance together and women to dance together. “He introduced the concept of seduction between a man and a woman and found it ugly to see two women dancing together”, Describe the young people interviewed Parisian.

“Several students in the 20-student dance class complained to Science Poe’s administration about sexism, discrimination, derogatory comments, and curtailment of sexism and sexual violence.confirmed the company in A press release.

“The administration contacted the professor and asked him not to repeat such comment”The company explains to AFP. “We asked her to come back to it and she didn’t want to and decided not to renew her studies.” Contrary to some media reports, the professor was not fired, he decided to leave on his own.

The professor denies the allegations

The teacher, she denounces “political correctness” and says she has never done anything to minimize sexual violence against women or even the slightest hint of homophobia.

Le Figaro askedHe explains that the Sciences asked Poe to change the title of his course and replace the words “male” and “female” with “leader” and “follower”, which he refused to do. “In all manuals, the terms male and female are used. It is a structured discipline,” she explained. “In September I was alerted to the change in terms without asking my opinion. But I don’t want to use ‘leader’ and ‘follower’ because it implies that there is a concept of submission between the two roles. No (…) science says to me ‘one you accept and we continue, Or you refuse and we will stop’. So I decided to stop” , She explains.

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Note that the school does not provide additional details or a version of the facts. A warning was given to the students a few days ago that they will not conduct any more lessons.

“Discrimination will never have a place in science”Completed the company.

A controversy that captures personalities

Some journalists and politicians were quick to react, denouncing the “vockism” of Sciences Po. “This slippage of the science cow is a variation that we must not leave.”Laurent Vaugiese (LR) reacts in e.g.

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