A Pokemon Go player invents a “genius” trick to achieve excellent throws

published: 2023-10-15T21:19:59

Updated: 2023-10-15T21:20:12

A Pokemon Go player has come up with a ‘genius’ DIY trick for making perfect throws using a popsicle stick, tape and sticky candy.

If there’s one thing Pokemon Go players do most often when playing the mobile game, it’s catching wild Pokemon.

When catching wild Pokémon, trainers are ranked according to their Pokeball throwing abilities with a Nice, Fantastic, or Excellent throwing rating.

Now, one coach has decided to make what the community is calling a “genius” DIY invention to help make achieving excellent throws much easier.

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Pokemon Go player creates DIY hack to make excellent throws

A Reddit user by the name Sufficient-Piece-OS made a mail On Pokemon Go com.subreddit Titled “How I Completed My Perfect Throws.”

They explained that they made a simple little gadget out of a popsicle stick, some electrical taps, and a bit of blue gummy candy to help them make perfect throws without failure. OP also attached photos of the DIY hack in action.

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According to the trainer who made this post, they were having trouble throwing Poke Balls straight due to tremors and decided to make a tool to help alleviate the problem.

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According to the OP, “The sticky pod makes the popsicle stick stick to my screen but not move, allowing me to throw a perfectly straight throw when I run my finger over it. I had to add electrical tape after I got the first splinter.

A variety of challenges in Pokemon Go require Trainers to make a certain amount of Super Throws, which can be too challenging for some.

Many fans praised the player’s ingenuity for helping accommodate their disability. “That’s very clever, my fingers are constantly shaking so I can’t do it [Excellent throws] Most of the time, I definitely need to do this!

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For those trainers who may have to deal with unsteady or shaky hands, this DIY trick can be incredibly useful for finishing excellent throwing challenges that are difficult to complete.

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