A missing submarine will soon run out of oxygen

A professor offers two possible theories to explain the disappearance of the Titanic surveillance submarine.

Security Complaint

Can such an accident happen? This is suggested by a complaint from 2018, which claims that David Lockridge, a former manager of OceanGate Expeditions, which organized these underwater escapes for wealthy clients, was fired after expressing serious doubts about the submarine’s safety. According to Mr Lochridge, the porthole at the front of the submarine was designed to withstand the pressure felt at a depth of 1,300m, not 4,000m. company”It refused to pay the manufacturer to build the porthole to the required depth of 4,000m“, he says. And he’s not the only one expressing his concerns. Members of the Marine Technology Society, a group of companies specializing in marine technologies, also voiced their “Mutual concern“Regarding the Titan, in a letter sent to Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate in March 2018. The latter is aboard the missing submarine today. They underlined their fears “Experimental approach“There is OceanGate”Negative consequences that have dire consequences for all players in the industry“.

Submarine goes missing on cruise near Titanic: ‘Shock sounds’ heard during search

Where deep-sea submarines use steel or titanium, titanium is made of both titanium and carbon fiber to ensure the ship’s lightness. To Jan Opderbecke, Head of Underwater Systems Division at Ifremer, Carbon Fiber “Lighter and more manipulable than titanium, allowing for complex shapes, but less resistant to water stress over long periods of time.“.

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