Russian volunteers fight for Ukraine in the Kursk region

Fighters of the Freedom Army for Russia.

These soldiers are engaged alongside Ukrainian troops. In May 2023, the first attack took place in the Belgorod region.

An offensive by Russian soldiers fighting alongside Ukraine is underway in the Kursk region. The Russian governor of the region confirmed the attack and said one person was slightly injured, but denied anything “turning point” attackers. Only the village of Losovaya Rudka remains under their control.

“Soldiers of the Siberian Battalion are in Russia and are calling on the people of the Russian Federation to boycott the 'elections.' (Russian presidential election, editor's note). In this case the ballot papers and polling booths are fictitious.”confirmed Siberian Battalion on its Telegram channel. “Only guns in your hands can change your life for the better. Anyone who refuses a life of poverty under tyranny must make the right choice., he added. The Russian presidential election is set to begin next Friday.

“Like all our fellow citizens, we at Legion dream of a Russia free from Putin's dictatorship. But we are not dreaming: we are doing everything we can to make these dreams come true.For its part, the Russia Legion for Freedom, which entered Russian territory in May 2023, explained. “We will take back our land from the regime, centimeter by centimeter. Russians sleep peacefully (…) and speak their minds without fear. Russians vote for who they want, not who they want to vote for. Russians will live freelyexplained the Russian Freedom Battalion on its Telegram channel.

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The attack comes after the Ukrainian army was forced to abandon the city of Avdiivka on February 17. “I can give you the latest information: the situation is much better than the last three months”Volodymyr Zelensky explained in an interview with BFMTV this Monday the world.

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