A “massive gendarmerie operation” has been launched to regain “control” of the road from the airport to Noumea, Gerald Dormanin announces.

Government calls for end to “killing each other” after biker dies in Noumea

In Vallee-du-Tir in Noumea, one of the most riotous and well-organized neighborhoods, a motorcyclist lost his life in a road accident Friday afternoon, public prosecutor Yves Dupas said.

The New Caledonia government called for an end to roadblocks and blockades during a press conference. “We are killing each other, this cannot go on”Government Member for Public Works Waimuah Muliawa announced. “People are already dying not because of armed conflict, but because they don’t have access to health care, they don’t have access to food.”he added.

“There are people who have had dialysis, people who need dialysis, and people who have died.”he said. “Free the roads and let the doctors and nurses go and save the people. Let the people move”On the sixth day of this crisis Mr. urged Muliawa. “One More Day One More Day”announced again.

Although numerous shops and businesses were burned or looted, and roads were blocked, New Caledonia was spared. “scarcity”He also assured this local body member, “However [elle] If so it will happen (…) This path of destruction [continue] ».

The New Caledonian government made the call “justify”. If “Exposed Social Evils” With the destruction of businesses and infrastructure, Waimua Muliawa told the youth. “You’re punishing yourself”.

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