A man dies after being gored by a bull at a Spanish festival

A man dies after being gored by a bull at a Spanish festival


Madrid – A 14-year-old man died of his injuries Gored by a bull at a festival Authorities in eastern Spain said.

The Spanish man, whose name was not given, was gored in the side by a bull named Cucinero during the Running of the Bulls festival in the town of Pobla de Farnals in the Valencia region on Saturday.

Officials there said on Sunday that he was taken to hospital but later died.

A second man was injured in the leg and is in stable condition.

She added that another Spanish man was injured in the leg by the same bull and was in stable condition in the hospital.

Bulls are let loose into the streets and riders rush in front of them in a tradition carried out in more than 1,820 Spanish municipalities every year, according to a recent study by animal rights groups AnimaNaturalis and CAS International.

Such events are still very popular. But many activists say it is dangerous and cruel, and debates over whether it should be abolished have become more heated in recent years.

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