A hunter’s words spark controversy: “We only have eight deaths a year, which is too few” (Video)

Thierry Coste, invited by the Télématin program in France 2, responds to recent government decisions regarding alcohol in the hunting world.

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hasHen France is embroiled in a hunting controversy, the government announced on Tuesday “a road map to improve and guarantee hunting safety”, particularly by introducing an alcohol offense or no hunting in some areas for half days.

In this case, Theory Ghost’s comments on Telemade’s program have caused controversy. In this line, a lobbyist from the National Hunters’ Federation was questioned about the recent government decision on alcohol consumption. If Caste was open to alcohol tests imposed on hunters, it was the earlier reports that caused the reaction.

Wanting to debunk the “psychosis” surrounding hunting-related accidents, the lobbyist later announced: “We’ve only had 8 deaths this year. Sorry to shock your listeners, but that’s a lot less when we’re doing millions of shootings. Honestly, there aren’t that many problems.”

A few days after cyclists were hit by pellets from a hunter, these comments did not fail to react on social networks.

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