A flight to the Canaries was diverted to Portugal due to unruly passengers

A local police official told AFP that the arrested passenger was Anglo-Polish and the seven others involved were Polish.

Portuguese authorities intervened when a flight between Luton and Lanzarote was diverted to Faro because there were “eight unruly passengers”, police said in a statement.

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A statement said these passengers “caused disruption, particularly by repeatedly knocking on the doors of cabin baggage compartments, consuming alcoholic beverages and ignoring the instructions given by the flight attendants.” .

At the request of the police, seven of these passengers agreed to leave the plane “without resistance”, but one of them refused to behave in a “hostile and aggressive” manner. He was arrested for “disobedience” and “resisting a police officer,” according to a press release from Portuguese authorities.

Police did not say which company was responsible for the theft. According to several British media outlets, it was a flight from low-cost carrier Ryanair.

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