A big twist, a story of lemons and a very short rest: here is our campaign diary N°10

Campaign Diary Episode 10 begins with a political bombshell. Imagine: it’s the end of the holiday, a little coffee, reading the magazine, a very pleasant morning … and then comes the interview with Paul Magnet. The socialist president no longer wants to pass the Anti-Hooligan Act. Earthquake in Central Govt. Excerpts from the reactions to the Not Every Day on Sunday show on RTL TVI:

  • Pierre-Yves Dermagne, Deputy Prime Minister (PS): “We can also recognize what we have done wrong in politics. Until now we have not found a system that allows us to specifically and specifically target these rioters without disproportionately limiting the right to protest.“.
  • David Clarinwall, Deputy Prime Minister (MR): “Second, the Socialist Party calls into question the agreements that have been negotiated between us and the agreements that have been decided by the government and include measures against thugs.“.
  • Georges Kilginnett, Deputy Prime Minister (Ecolo): “It is an issue of protecting fundamental rights and freedoms. I, in this government, am the defender of fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression. It’s a long bridge. We will not vote for this provision“.

As for the atmosphere within Crewe, it’s not great. Paul Magnett’s interview goes further: “We knew that the budget would be the last act of this government. The Belgian presidency (of the Council of the European Union) starts in January, and knowing that we will be clear in the campaign does not leave much room to do great things.“.

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The story of the lemon

Another issue of the week: Belgium’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There is talk of a humanitarian ceasefire. But some parties want to go further, for example by ignoring this little lemon.

Mercury is a restricted cabinet. It was particularly animated by the debate over the products of the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

Reactions of Selection Committee Members:

  • Georges Kilginnett, Deputy Prime Minister (Ecolo): “It is not just a symbol, there is a disproportionate reaction to unacceptable acts, obviously, the public must be protected and we cannot accept such carnage.“Our reporter is following up on whether this should be done by buying more Israeli lemons.”For example“, replied Georges Kilkinnett.
  • Pierre-Yves Dermagne, Deputy Prime Minister (PS): “So the desire is to move forward at this stage“.
  • David Clarinwall, Deputy Prime Minister (MR): “I never thought of making such an important decision in such an emotional moment.Our journalist asks if it should not be ignored.As far as we are concerned, no, of course not“.

Since then, MR has already criticized the presence of socialists and ecologists at Saturday’s demonstration for Palestine in Brussels.

17 days: A very short political retreat

Let’s continue with a major political event in the north of the country. Gwendoline Rutten of the Open VLD (Flemish Liberals) is withdrawing from Belgian politics. Everything happened during the holidays. Gwendolyn Rutten is disgusted that her party has chosen a new justice minister.

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17 days later, Gwendoline Rutten returns to politics. Last Tuesday, he became a minister in the Flemish government responsible for home affairs. “Maybe I reacted too harshly. It is possible. I am only human“, she defends herself. In short, this is undoubtedly the shortest political retreat in the history of our country.

With this information our campaign diary ends. Don’t forget we will vote in 210 days.

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