“I didn’t want to wake him, I left the windows open a little”

Siftin Malahaji had traveled to Adana, Turkey with his wife Hiba Alheraki and their son for a wedding. Little Badr Aldin, 3, fell asleep in the car after choosing to join his father to visit his brother.

Cifedin then parked in the shade and left the window slightly open as he went to check on his brother. “When I left the house, my son ran after me crying because he wanted to come with me,” she testified to the Mirror. “I parked in the shade and went to where my brother was working. I didn’t want to wake him, so I left the windows slightly open. »

Although he thought he had taken all necessary precautions, he returned thirty minutes later to find his son unconscious. The boy could not be saved. “It’s something that can happen to anyone. The windows were open, they weren’t closed. But it happened because it was hot,” said the devastated father.

Tests show that even on a cold summer day, the temperature inside a closed vehicle can exceed 52 degrees Celsius. Due to the greenhouse effect, even on cold, cloudy days, the interior of a car can become 20 degrees Celsius warmer than the outside temperature.

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