5 times General Hospital surprised its viewers with musical guest stars

There is nothing better with soap than music.

For 60 years, General Hospital has been full of surprises. The soap had its ups and downs, coming close to cancellation several times, but it also broke all records for most-watched daytime television series. She always managed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, and the guest stars were part of that effect.

Here are 5 of the most amazing General Hospital musical stars that you probably didn’t know about:


The ’90s are known as the golden age of boy bands, so it’s no surprise that some of them made their way into soap opera territory. For Boyzone, the 1999 appearance on General Hospital was their first appearance on American television, and for the show, it was a nod to the pop culture of the time. A win for everyone.

Ricky Martin

Not only did Ricky Martin appear on General Hospital, but he also had a character, Miguel Moriz, created especially for him. Not surprisingly, Martin plays a singer who is signed to the same record label as Eddie Maine, and viewers were blessed with his performance.

Bb king

BB King blessed viewers’ screens at the grand opening of Luke Spencer nightclub. While many believe that stepping down from Port Charles Mayor to club owner was a setback, Spencer has proven that he hasn’t lost one part of his passion and can create great things with him.

Rick Springfield

You may not know it, but Rick Springfield appeared on General Hospital under three different personas. While some remember him as the young and charismatic Dr. Noah Drake, others have another name, Ellie Love, in mind. And if you’ve tuned in to this series recently, you probably remember the 2013 Nurses’ Ball, where Springfield performed as himself.

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Cheeky Easy

It’s not uncommon for former American Idol contestants to end up in other television projects. Although Chikezie Eze didn’t come close to winning a season of American Idol and ending up in 10th place, he was able to secure himself a small cameo as the talented bartender on a daytime TV channel.

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