21 killed in new Israeli attack on refugee camp near Rafah, according to Palestinian Civil Defense

Israeli army spokesman Oliver Rabovitch: “The camp [de déplacés] Not hit or bombed »

In France Info, Olivier Rafowicz, the French-speaking spokesman for the Israeli army, responded to the responsibility of the Israeli army following an Israeli attack on Palestinian authorities after at least 45 people died in a camp for displaced Palestinians in Rafah (south of Gaza).

He assures that “Camp [de déplacés] Not hit or bombed » and that’“Fire broke out in the camp [dont la raison] Checking today. Perhaps, in fact, it was precision missiles or remnants of explosives that had Hamas weapons, ammunition and fuel in the camp.He declared.

As for the two Hamas members removed, they were killed “Ten meters from that camp” by one “Targeted Israeli Attack”Mr. Rafovich promises.

The US news agency Associated Press also reported that an Israeli military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the explosives used were too small (17 kg each) to start a fire, and that the Jewish state’s military was investigating the possibility. Weapons were stashed in the area.

The attack sparked widespread outrage, including among Israel’s closest allies. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it was a result “Tragic Mistake”.

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