Ziad Medouk, Palestinian author: ‘Gaza is no longer Gaza: there are only ruins’

“All the Palestinians of Gaza are in shock after these 48 days of destruction, bombings, massacres, genocide. They realize that Gaza is no longer Gaza. Gaza, my hometown, Gaza, is nothing but ruins, massive destruction.”

The voice that sends us this voice message is Ziad Medouk, a French teacher in Gaza. Behind his voice, the constant sound of Israeli drones flying over the area is heard.

“I’m still alive by a miracle.”

This Palestinian from Gaza is followed by a loyal community of French speakers on social networks. They were concerned about his two weeks of silence at the height of the Israeli offensive. He had chosen to stay at home in the bombed and invaded Gaza City.

On October 27, he posted this message: “I’m still alive by a miracle. I’m in shock. I lived two terrible weeks with terrible days and nights. Israeli tanks destroyed my neighborhood. I saw death a thousand times a day.”

I hope there will be a ceasefire

Ziad Meduk sends us this message today to explain the life of the residents of Gaza during this ceasefire. Above all, their hope is that it will become a permanent ceasefire.

“The most important thing is to stop this offensive decisively. This is the wish of all Palestinians in Gaza. They will be anxious until the ceasefire is over and everything is over. We will see tomorrow. Will the ceasefire come? Will it be extended or will the occupation army continue its attacks against civilians?”

Very short time

“People are relieved after these five days of ceasefire”Ziyad recognized Medook that the respite, while seemingly short-lived, could not really benefit. The situation is dire. People are sad and desperate. The 400,000 Palestinians who, like me, have decided not to stay in the North are experiencing a dramatic situation.

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