Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s new update targets glitches in item replication, unsurprisingly

Photo: Nintendo Live/Nintendo

Nintendo released its fourth update for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom earlier this week and as usual, a number of issues were addressed in order to “improve the gaming experience”.

Although Nintendo did not go into detail about these additional improvements, they were quickly discovered Version 1.2.0 It no longer supports some item duplication glitches. Yes, to stop to the chase here, Nintendo is still waging war against sneaky glitches.

Not only is there evidence of this across multiple player accounts, but there is also Also, a number of reports confirming some of the vulnerabilities no longer work. A bunch of YouTube videos have surfaced over the past week as well highlighting glitches that can still be used and compatible With version 1.2.0.

like Advertising by sites like Eurogamer, glitches like “Frozen Meat” and “Tobio’s Hollow Chasm” don’t work anymore, but some of the newer glitches balance that out. One, in particular, allows players to “easily get 1 million rupees in just a few minutes.”

So despite Nintendo’s efforts to minimize glitches in the new Zelda game, it seems like the community is still finding all kinds of methods to keep multiplying items in Link’s inventory – from memory glitches to jumping, and many other tricks. Players can also disable automatic updates for Tears of the Kingdom to continue using older versions of the game.

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