Youtuber DIY Perks Crafts A perfect and adorable portable PS5 tablet

There are a lot of PlayStation fans clamoring for a true successor to the Vita, and while Portal is a neat gadget, it's not quite the same. DIY YouTube channel features It argues that Sony has everything it needs to make a portable PS5 tablet housed within the console itself, voiding at least one warranty to prove it.

Using technology and expertise that's indistinguishable from dark magic (to our eyes), DIY Perks Frankensteins a redesigned, smaller PS5 motherboard with a custom heatsink design, 3D-printed plastics, and a gorgeous OLED display. The process obviously took weeks, using knowledge and skills developed over a lifetime, so perhaps don't try this process at home unless you fancy yourself an S-rank welder.

It's an incredible achievement, and the form factor is very attractive. DIY Perks suggests that the reason we haven't seen anything like this type of product before is because of the question mark it presents. Will you sell? What is the right price, and is there an audience for it? These are questions we hope Sony finds answers to in the future, and in the meantime, we can always dream.

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