'You're a nobody,' said Succession casting agent Sarah Snook – Deadline

Sarah Snook is on the crest of a wave, having just picked up her second Golden Globe for her role as Chef in SuccessionBut the Australian star revealed that, as an early actress, she was treated very poorly by both the acting agent and the producer.

Snoke said times One newspaper reported that in one of her first films, a casting agent told her they didn't want her “Because you're nobody,” but the director and writer were pressing her. She was told: “What we're going to do is change you all so you're marketable: we're going to whiten your teeth, darken your hair, and give you a personal trainer so you can lose weight and look right.” “.

On the same project, Snook revealed that she ate a small piece of cake, and a producer asked her to come out in front of the cast and crew, while the costume designer asked her to continue eating. “And all the time I'm dying inside.”

Snook played Chief Roy, Logan Roy's complicated daughter, over four seasons Succession She told the newspaper that she cried when the final episode aired in May 2023.

“I was three or four weeks postpartum, and the hormones were raging. But it was just a cocoon to know that this was the end of this important and special part of my life.

Her next role promises to be just as challenging, as she will take on all 26 parts in the film's production The Picture of Dorian Gray On the West End stage in London.

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