In case you missed meeting everyone πŸŒ€, Posh’s frontman, Gavin Rossdale, has a new girlfriend named Xhoana Xheneti. The Internet has decided that she looks identical to his ex-wife Gwen Stefani, right down to the bleached blonde hair and bright red lip.

While Gavin and Xhoana were dating for a minute, a similar conversation started thanks to photos of them engaging in some poolside PDA in Mexico:


These photos inspired so many side eyes that Hoda Kotb even spoke about them today, saying β€œPoor Blake,” I thought. That’s what I thought for a moment. For a second. They specifically resemble each other. He has a type.”

People obviously have ideas, but Xhoana seems to be remaining unfazed on vacation, and just took to Instagram Stories to share photos of herself in a bikini on the beach:

Shawana x


A quick note on ~the timing of it all~, Gavin recently opened up about his breakup with Gwen Stefani on Amy and TJ Podcast.

“I never thought I’d ever get divorced. So there’s a little shame in my life,” he said. He said. “I feel bad for my kids, that’s all. I wish I could find a way for this not to happen in their lives. It was no fun for me to come from a broken home… It can be very exhausting for kids… Most importantly “It’s that you don’t want to let your kids down.”

Gavin also noted that he wishes he and Gwen were still in each other’s lives, saying “it would be nice to have more of a connection with the person who brought them to me.”

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