Xbox's Sea Of Thieves has become the 'best-selling' pre-order on PlayStation 5

For the first time ever, Sea of ​​Thieves It will launch on PlayStation next April, and although we still have nearly two months until its release date, the game is currently the “best-selling” pre-order on PS5 as it stands.

If you look at “PS5 pre-orders” Chart and then sort by 'Best Sellers' in the UK (along with many other regions), you'll see that Sea of ​​Thieves Premium Edition tops the list as it stands now. This was also the case in the US earlier today – As shown in the image below – although it has since been overtaken MLB Show 24.

Whether it's a flagship in your region or not, PlayStation owners are clearly very excited for Sea of ​​Thieves to release on PS5 next April, even though the Rare pirate adventure is almost six years old at this point.

Of course, the big upside for Xbox fans is that Sea of ​​Thieves can already be played on Xbox and PC Game Pass for no additional fees, and often goes on sale for very reasonable prices. Its arrival on PS5 is good news for the game's player base too, as full cross-play between Xbox, PC and PlayStation will soon be implemented.

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