X-Men '97 finally got a trailer and premiere in March

I think I'm a mutant. My transformation gift? Get a buzz for X-Men '97.

I know it's not the most elite skill set, but look – I'm a millennial and I can't resist much. Play the opening notes of that song and my brain is effectively rewired. If you're reading this, you probably know what it looks like, as well as the first trailer for it X-Men '97 It will probably hit you better than a good cup of coffee.

The trailer highlights the nostalgia in a very heavy way, with footage from “Graduation Day,” the series finale. X-Men: The Animated Series, played on a CRT TV before gradually zooming in and moving to the new widescreen is perhaps the most cheesy '90s cartoon ever produced. And you know what? He. She Whips.

The footage is short and sweet, light on plot and heavy on emotion, but there are some fun details teased out. Cyclops leads the X-Men after Xavier's death, Jean Gray is apparently pregnant, and Magneto inherits everything Professor X left behind? Juicy!

The answers will come shockingly soon – X-Men '97 It will premiere on Disney Plus on March 20, roughly a month from now. I'll still be staring at my phone longingly while I get fully dressed in bed until then.

you know, As in meme.

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