Wings of imagination hold Jerry back towards the end

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“People want to know what happens in Fantasy Suites; there’s curiosity,” Jerry Turner says during the Tropical Night Date Jerry Athon episode of “The Golden Bachelor” on Thursday 8.

But the 72-year-old Indiana widower wants to put an end to the privacy, adding emphatically: “Quite frankly, I feel like it’s none of their (expletive) business.”

It’s hard to argue with that feeling as Jerry sets sail on a long-awaited weekend getaway at Fantasy Suites in beautiful Costa Rica. It’s a chance for the always aching Jerry to enjoy subsequent dates, however long they last, with the final two contestants: Leslie, 64, and Teresa, 70.

Being a reality show on ABC, we got valuable details about the double dating. Sometimes there’s too much detail, as demonstrated during Jerry’s discussion of “thundering boots” (a dormant volcano in the background) that forces host Jesse Palmer to repeat “TMI” with his eyes closed.

But the risks are high. In the season finale on November 30, Jerry will choose one of the two women to be his life partner. who will be? Let’s analyze the histories of Fantasy Suites.

“Women Tell All” last week: Confessions of the ‘Golden Bachelor’ and who Jerry sent home.

Jerry gets a procedure during his appointment with Leslie.

It’s no surprise to see Jerry happily rappelling down a 170-foot Costa Rican cliff to start Leslie’s big date. But it’s remarkable how Jerry slides down the cliff face like Tom Cruise’s father. What other talents does he hold back from us? He’s right into the outdoor equestrian pose he showed Leslie during their Episode 4 adventure date on the ATVs, this time hovering over his slowly descending partner while delivering loving encouragement like, “You’re good!” and “I’ve got this!”

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The ATV date ended with Leslie and Jerry magically appearing in a hot tub, so it’s clear where this opening match of excitement is headed. Score one for the fantasy suite! Leslie and Jerry agree to the strange formality of accepting Jesse’s written invitation to enter the double-bedded couples’ sanctuary as if Jesse were some kind of billionaire tech matchmaker with new stationery.

However, there are no shoes, just legs crossed with bare feet before the cameras fade away, leaving some mystery. Jerry was later impressed, saying things like, “I think you’re the one.” Leslie doesn’t do herself any favors by referring to Jerry’s love like “an old shoe.” And there’s a looming logistical struggle over where they’ll end up — his hometown in Indiana or her hometown in Minneapolis.

But fireworks can be summed up by the perfect golden bachelor moment after sex — a bawdy thermostat discussion that adheres to Department of Energy guidelines.

“What do you like about being 70?” Jerry asks as he positions himself at the temperature controls.

“69,” Leslie answers with a laugh.

He would have proposed to Jerry right away, if it weren’t for that annoying ending two weeks from now. But it’s clear that Leslie is in a privileged position, even when Jerry goes out on his next date night with Teresa.

Teresa locks and turns Jerry during her date

Jerry is so infatuated with Leslie that he visibly seeps into Teresa’s time. He rides through the tropical forest, remarkably distant, trudging forward while Teresa worries, and raising the rear.

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“At the same time, I’m thinking, ‘What is Leslie doing now?’” Jerry says, during scenes in which he ignores Teresa’s chivalric instincts and basic good manners.

But when things are at their worst, Teresa goes into Michael Jordan mode, bringing Jerry in just in time. You can feel the momentum shifting as they talk over dinner about a lost love (she’s also a widow) and discuss exactly what Teresa does for a living. But wait, is he about to land Teresa’s job in Episode 8? How this basic information eluded Jerry only shows the hardships of real-life dating.

However, Teresa, a financial services expert, takes this help and hits three-pointers, detailing her hugely impressive career. Jerry, the restaurant owner who retired at 55, is visibly impressed. The game is on, without Jerry even thinking about his retirement stock portfolio, which will surely get a turbo charge from Teresa.

Of course, the couple accepted Jesse’s joint invitation to the Fantasy Suite, leading to Teresa draining the last bucket of clutch as she entered her tropical love den. She shows Jerry the right side of the double bed! He doesn’t even remember telling her his bed preferences, but Teresa has him stored away just in time. Critics can say what they want about Teresa, but she has game.

It’s time to fade to a shot of the resort room’s “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Who went home on ‘Golden Bachelor’ during Fantasy Suites week?

Nobody goes home on Fantasy Suites week. Jerry ends a joy-filled adventure without going through his usual painful decision. That Storm Is Coming: Clouds literally appear in Costa Rica while Jerry briefly worries. But it’s distant thunder.

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Whatever the forecast, or what the internet speculates, from a reality show editing standpoint, it’s anyone’s game. Looking ahead to the next two weeks (there’s no “Golden Bachelor” on Thanksgiving), Jerry’s impossible choice is:

Leslie: True adventure, excitement, humor. But are there issues like location?

there: A true bond over past loss, tough love, and killer stock picks, he throws the last shot of the dating game as time runs out.

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