Will France Be Zemmourized?

Not only the slogan taken by Emmanuel Macron in the presidential campaign of Eric Zemor (who gave birth to the 7% tall mouse), but also by LR: “For that France remains France”, beyond his plagiarism, the President prefaced the second half of his last decree with a right-wing portrait during his post-reformation press conference. .

Emmanuel Macron announced several measures for a “strong and just France”.

School uniforms for all (in other words, “distinctive clothing”), mirroring the control of screens for young people, “demographic restructuring” to break the decline in birth rates and the “ban of the century” on sterility,… themes full of common sense from the point of view of conservatives, but too old-fashioned for most progressives. Women's rights organizations also ask the President to leave Karupiya alone…

Let's remember that at the moment, France is emerging from a very painful row over immigration law.

If Emmanuel Macron has always been a young president, certainly wise, but speaks like an old man, here he speaks like an obvious right-winger, on the side of the road, on the left side of his “same time”. . The challenge is clear: to return to the march of national rally that is gradually drawing the contours of the blow to Macron in the European elections this June 9. It's a risky bet: rare copies (smoothed out, Macron didn't turn right!) that work better than the originals…

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