Why are US ports getting a $21 billion upgrade?

U.S. ports receive multi-million dollar grants to upgrade cargo handling infrastructure.

The grants are part of the Biden administration’s $21 billion commitment to modernize port infrastructure in the United States

Among the mid-sized coastal cities such as Baltimore 2023 scholarship recipients. In November, the Port of Baltimore received a $47 million grant to start up an offshore wind manufacturing center, among other improvements. For example, the money will pay for a new dock or wharf for traded goods. Baltimore is the top American destination for imports of traded goods, a category that includes agricultural machinery from John Deere and light vehicles from BMW. According to the Maryland Port Administration.

more than $653 million in grants for the Port Infrastructure Development Program It was awarded to US ports in 2023 by the US Department of Transportation and Maritime Administration. Other projects receiving federal funds include the Port of Tacoma Husky Terminal Expansion Project in Washington state ($54.2 million) and the North Harbor Transportation System Improvement Project in Long Beach, California ($52.6 million).

Port improvements also come from the Environmental Protection Agency, which provides money to combat truck idling. US Department of Defense iAnd deepening some waterways on the eastern coast to receive larger ships.

Baltimore isn’t the only city with a growing port, according to maritime economists. Gateways along the southeastern coast of the United States are transporting more cargo as major entry points become congested with truck traffic, experts say.

“All the ports on the East Coast are modernizing their infrastructure and capabilities,” said Walter Kemmsies, managing partner at Kemmsies Group, a maritime economics consulting firm currently working with the Georgia Port Authority in Savannah. “What that does is it makes it more attractive to ocean carriers. They like to be able to get in and out of a port very quickly, and they like to go to multiple ports.”

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Ports America has formed a public-private partnership with the State of Maryland to manage equipment and operations at sections of the Port of Baltimore. The group told CNBC that $550 million in improvements have gone to Seagirt Marine Terminal alone to densify the container yard since the partnership began in 2010.

These improvements build on previous plans to revitalize America’s declining industrial cities. In Baltimore, government officials are working to address bottlenecks along the supply chain outside the port. They believe the Howard Street Tunnel Expansion Project will increase double-rail capacity out of Baltimore, which could help companies operating at the port move freight to and from points in the Midwest.

Watch the video Above to see more promotions coming to the Port of Baltimore.

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