Whoopi Goldberg performs a lap dance to co-host Sunny Hostin’ middle show on The View

  • Hostin claimed to be unaware of what a lap dance looks like
  • Goldberg used this as an opportunity to perform a live pre-dancing show in the middle of the show
  • She began rocking behind her on her co-worker’s lap, moving up and down and side to side as the live audience cheered them on.

Things got heated on Monday’s episode of The View, when Whoopi Goldberg decided to perform a surprise lap dance show.

While women debate whether lap dances at bachelorette parties count as “cheating,” Goldberg amazed viewers by giving her co-host, Sunny Hostin, an on-air tutorial on how to perform one.

The sudden move came after Hostin claimed she was unaware of what a lap dance looked like, claiming she had never seen it before.

“I said during a Hot Topics meeting that lap dancing isn’t cheating, but think about it, I’ve never seen a lap dance,” Hostin said. “So it might be cheating!”

And she continued: Are they both naked? Because if you’re both naked, it’s cheating.

Whoopi Goldberg decided to give her co-host a surprise lap dance offer

Anna Navarro chimes in and points out that Hosten previously said her husband could do lap dance without it being considered infidelity.

“Then I changed my mind because I really don’t know what that looks like,” said Huston.

Goldberg, who was lying in her chair looking somewhat bored, took this opportunity to gloat: “Would you like to see?” she asked.

She didn’t hesitate to interrupt the show and make her way across the stage to give Hostin a lap dance.

Sarah Haines’ mouth opened wide as she made her way to Hostin’s seat. When Navarro tried to make room for Goldberg’s jig, she snapped, “My ass isn’t that big,” before getting in.

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“First I go, I’m looking at you,” she said, gazing seductively into Houston’s eyes.

Goldberg then began patting them behind her on her co-host’s lap, moving up and down and side to side as the live audience cheered them on.

“Then I started turning around, and then it’s just like that, and it’s like that,” she explained, shaking her ass at Hostin. Houston threw her head, laughing. “And then I’m going down here. Then I’m going back to the side.”

“And wear a lot less clothes!” Anna Navarro added.

Goldberg agreed, saying, “I put on a lot of clothes.”

The sudden move came after Hostin claimed he was unaware of what a lap dance looked like

“I think this is cheating,” Houston said as Goldberg finished her work and returned to her seat. I repeated several times: “This is cheating.”

“You know, I don’t know if that’s cheating or not… I think that might qualify,” she said.

“I consider cheating to be a form of hooking up,” Haines said.

“I think it takes an exchange of bodily fluids,” Navarro said, but Goldberg disagreed.

“I think it’s those mental things that make cheaters,” Goldberg said. “When people start cheating online with someone, they share sentimental things with me — to me, that’s cheating.”

This comes after Goldberg tried to stop all the rumors claiming that she was the culprit of being regularly “manipulated” on air, earlier this month.

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