Who is Joe Kui? Comedian and last-minute Golden Globes host

aAwards season kicks off with the 81st Golden Globe Awards – Oscar's hottest drinking sibling – taking place this weekend. On Sunday, Hollywood's best stars will descend on the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles to imbibe the greatest contributions to both big and small screens. It will be among the headliners, with Robert De Niro, Margot Robbie and Jeffrey Wright among the nominees for one of the many glittering celestial awards. But one face that will be less well-known is that of Joe Coy, who the comedian asked to host at the last minute.

It can be said that the Globes host has been irrelevant for a long time. The ceremonies in recent memory have been memorable, not least because the 2022 awards ceremony was devoid of stars and cameras due to controversy surrounding the Hollywood Foreign Press Association — the organization behind the Globes — over accusations of corruption and a lack of diversity. Coy, in his first major hosting gig, has a task ahead of him.

The 52-year-old Filipino-American comedian — born Joseph Glenn Herbert Sr. — was asked to host the show just two weeks ago. “When they asked me, it was immediately yes. I couldn't believe this was happening – and then I woke up and said: 'Wait a minute, I have two weeks to write jokes!' diverse. “Actually, I think I had less than two weeks because I didn't get my book until five days later.” To put it in perspective, previous hosts — like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and most famously, Ricky Gervais — had months to prepare. “It was a crash course in hosting,” Coy said.

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However, he's not the new kid on the block. Over the years, Coy's comedy — which is dialogue-driven and story-driven and inspired by Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg — has attracted legions of fans, with two million following him on Instagram. He got his start on the stand-up comedy circuit in the 1990s in Las Vegas, and has since had several well-received comedy specials on Comedy Central and Netflix, most recently in 2020. Joe Kooy: In his elementWhich highlighted local talent in Manila, Philippines. He recently signed a deal with the streaming giant for two more specials. On screen, Coy led the 2022 comedy Easter Holiday It appeared this year Haunted Palace reboot, which also stars Lakeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, and Danny DeVito.

Late night fans will also recognize Koy as a guest on shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live!And Last call with Carson Daly. Most often, Coy appeared as a regular season on Chelsea Handler's talk show Chelsea recently before it was called off in 2014. He and Handler later dated for a year in 2021 before announcing their “beautiful” split in 2022.

As Kevin Hart once said, Coy is “the guy who got his damn stripes.” He was selling shoes at Nordstrom Rack, a discount department store, when he got his first big break in 2005: a stage show. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Koi was a hit. Today he remains one of the few comedians to receive a standing ovation on the show. Talking to Hart in 2021 via podcast Golden Minds with Kevin HartCoy recalls how he went to work the next day to find customers applauding his funny collection – “Then they would ask: ‘Can I get this in a size eight?’” Tonight show A lucrative business deal came with the cell phone service company Amp'd Mobile and things “just snowballed” from there.

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“That was the last time I had a part-time job,” said Coy, who worked stand-up for 17 years before he felt financially secure enough to quit his day job. “I always wanted to make sure I had some kind of money, some kind of income.”

Coy had only two weeks' notice of the ceremony


Coy was born in Tacoma, Washington, in 1971, and moved with his parents and three siblings to Las Vegas after high school to care for his sick grandmother. While attending college in Vegas, Coy eventually dropped out to pursue stand-up comedy – a decision made out of the initial desperation of his mother, Josie Harrison, who has since become a beloved mainstay in Coy's comedy sets. A YouTube video of Harrison reacting to her son's jokes about her has been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

Cuy's father, who served in the U.S. Air Force, met his mother while he was stationed in the Philippines. Throughout his career, Coy has spoken about the difficulties his family faced while growing up in America. During an event to promote his 2022 film Easter Holiday, Coy recounted one time in his childhood when his family filled out “a thousand” lottery tickets at a Sears department store in hopes of winning a television because they couldn't afford one themselves. “We won. We won the damned TV! Then we got on the escalator, and it was like 1985, and my mom loves little kids.” “My mom sees this little kid and says, ‘Hey, what’s your name?’” The kid turns around and pulls his eyes back and [giggles]. I [didn’t] Understand this type of normalization. Why would that be funny?

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Koi with his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler


While there is no doubt that the globes tournament represents another big opportunity for Coy, he also sees it as an important responsibility. “That’s what it’s all about,” Coy said. diverse. “You hear this a lot now, but it means a lot to someone who looks like me. There's an Asian kid out there, or half white/half Asian, of any race. Being able to see this, will indirectly inspire them. This is one of those 'last' moments.” I don't want to talk about it when I'm on stage, but I think just being on stage is enough.

As for whether he would follow the much-loved Gervais path of skewering his audience, Coy pointed to the recent strikes that have grounded Hollywood for months. “I'm going to be sarcastic, but I want to do it in a way that we still celebrate. The industry was hit hard. Hollywood was shaken. Everybody was shaken. It wasn't just the writers. It wasn't just the actors…so let's celebrate,” he said. Let's enjoy this. We have a great gig. This is the approach I want to take on this. “This is a great moment for all of us.” Whether it's as entertaining for us at home remains to be seen.

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