Who do we thank? François gives all his employees for Christmas… a mid-range electric car, “no frills, I’m happy to please them” (photo)

As Paris-Normandy writes, employees don’t receive this kind of gift, even at large companies listed on the stock market. François, the founder of Femaag Packing, which has been manufacturing packaging machines since 2010, gave the keys to the car to all his employees on December 17, 2022. No toys, no bad jokes, this business manager has decided to give every employee an electric vehicle, namely a dozen mid-range Peugeot e-208s.


“When I told them the news, some of the staff were still surprised that the place was caught! But there is no catch! I feel like I’m doing something good and I’m happy to make them happy,” he explains into the microphone. Sweet FM.

“I’ve been driving an electric car of a well-known American brand for six years. For four or five years, I’ve been trying to find a way to motivate my team to drive clean. The idea of ​​giving everyone a car paid for by the company caught on. A car to get to work, some have five kilometers, while others have fifty. But also for personal use. As long as they use it as much as possible,” he explains.


If you’re wondering why employees don’t resell their gifts… it’s important to note that employees keep these cars if they see fit – in the company’s parking lot for a monthly contribution of 30 euros to install electrical terminals, maintenance costs and car insurance – and in case of departure, the car stays with the company.

In addition, “general salary increases are frozen for a few years”, explains the boss, who ensures that employees find these colleagues “normally”.

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