White Sox’s Tim Anderson was suspended, fined for turning on a fan

Tim Anderson Taking a page out of Keri Irving’s book Altaïr fans turned up during Wednesday’s game in Cleveland. Unlike Irving, Anderson was suspended for one game plus a fine.

Anderson resumes suspension and plays Friday against the Twins.

White Sox shortstop told reporters after falling to Minnesota at the series opening: “I have to apologize for my actions, there are a lot of people who are really looking down on me. I take full responsibility for what I did. But it’s something I have to learn from and grow from.”

Anderson gave his finger to a fan while on the field on Wednesday, when it was a frustrating day, making three fouls in the first two rounds of the 11-1 loss to the Cleveland Guardians.

“Sometimes you will react differently. This was one of those moments when I reacted differently,” Anderson said. “But, like I said, I learned from him. I will go on and grow more. Just keep being me and shut it down again and keep learning.”

Cleveland Guardians’ Josh Naylor advanced to third on the field-selection ball after a short layover, Tim Anderson missed the mark.
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The 2021 All-Star has already dealt with a suspension this year, and he missed two games to connect with referee Tim Timmons last September. He fared well, averaging 0.300, but struggled on the field, making six fouls in 10 games after hitting 10 last season in total.

“We’ll talk to him about it,” White Sox manager Tony La Russa said. Ask him what happened, and why it happened. It doesn’t change anything we believe about him. no thing.”

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