Where can you buy the famous Sony portable device?

When Sony launched PS Gateway, its portable PS5 streaming device, on November 15, 2023, it sold out quickly. With the ability to stream your favorite PS5 games to a mobile device anywhere you can get a decent internet connection, it's no surprise that Portal is so popular among PS5 owners.

At the time of writing, PS Portal is still not available on Sony's PlayStation Direct store, as well as several other traditional retailers. But if you know where to look, you may be able to discover new things as soon as they become available.

Buy PS Portal directly from Sony (currently out of stock)

Although there is new stock of PS Gates It was released on January 11, 2024 on Sony's website, and quickly sold out. Monitoring Sony's website is a straightforward way to check current stock status. Unfortunately, there is no way to wishlist or favorite the PS Portal on Sony's website to get any status notifications. So, you must act quickly if you put some products up for sale on the site.

Purchase PS Gateway from other retailers

Unfortunately, PS Portal inventory at sites like Best Buy and Amazon also remains depleted. Fortunately, sites like Best Buy allow you to check local inventory and save items to your account for a quick way to find out when Sony's portable streaming device pops up again.

PS Portal has proven popular with fans

While the sale of many PS Portal units is unfortunately being held up by scalpers, those who managed to get their hands on one were rather happy with its performance. The 8-inch LCD screen produces a great picture. Although it requires a Wi-Fi connection and a turned-on PS5 to connect to it, a healthy internet connection still results in low latency and few streaming hiccups. in Our review of PS Gate, Kotaku Editor-in-Chief Jane Glennon said:

Over several days of testing, I only encountered one connectivity issue while gaming Like a Dragon: Isshin. Without warning, I was wandering around Kyoto looking for a fight, when I received a message saying that my connection to my PS5 had been dropped. I pressed the X button to reconnect as requested, and after a temporary delay I was able to resume without having to exit the game or reload my save.

Although its appeal as a portable streaming solution for PS5 games may seem like a good fit for its success, the portal has remained a popular and difficult-to-find item on online retail sites. You can expect this guide to be updated as soon as a stock update comes out.

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